Crushed & Cured

Sofia Brescia Veneto Frizzante, Mary Taylor Wines, Veneto, Italy, 2023


From the foothills of the Alps on the east side of the province of Vicenza, vineyards planted upwards of 30 years ago bear fruit of the Glera and Garganega grapes. The winery works sustainably, and in concert with the local ecosystem . Grasses and flowers grow between the rows. Sofia Brescia is a name given to honour to previous generation of wine growers many of who were women that have been forgotten by historical naming conventions.

Veneto is a substantial and increasingly important wine region in the northeast corner of Italy. Frizzante wine is a lower pressure than Spumante. The bubbles are a result of the addition of tirage, in this case 15-25 g/l concentrated grape must is added as part of the liqueur d'expedition before secondary fermentation. All conducted in stainless steel tanks.

Country: Italy 

Region: Veneto

Vintage: 2023

Grape Variety: Glera, Gargenega 

ABV: 11%

Size: 750ml 

Producer: Mary Taylor Wines