Crushed & Cured

Coup de Sang, Maison Ventenac, Languedoc-Roussillon, France, 2022


One day, tired of tasting drab, boring Cabernets, the wine maker decided that enough was enough. In a sudden rage, he announced that he would make his own wine without sulfites, using as little interference as possible. He was determined to find Cabernet’s truest and purest expression. The story continues in your glass and nobody knows how it will end. Take a sip and write the next chapter …” Aromas of ripe pepper and black currant. Roundness and a silky structure with notes of blackcurrant on the palate. A fresh and lingering finish.

The village of Ventenac - Cabardès and the surrounding region are famed for the distinctive nature of the limestone vein running through the. The vines – planted on hillsides around Maison Ventenac – benefit fully from this special soil structure, formed 50 million years ago when the area was still beneath the Mediterranean. This gives these wines their mineral, saline and fresh character. Their vineyard work consists of humbly preserving this extraordinary potential within our wines. Very little oak is used in the juice, mainly to fulfil the goal of authenticity. The vines enjoy a lot of  sunlight and sufficient rainfall, so they are planted at a high density (6500 vine per hectare) which enables the vine to regulate its own yield and achieve better grape concentration. Harvest involves hand sorting fruit, which is then fully crushed. Pre-fermentation cold soak maceration then occurs for 5 days at 6°C in 300 hl stainless steel tanks. After this fermentation begins with daily pump - overs for 25 days. Natural malolactic fermentation begins until complete.

Country: France 

Region: Cabardès

Vintage: 2022

Grape Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc 

ABV: 13%

Size: 750ml 

Producer: Mainson Ventenac