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Bruno LaFon Le P'tit Chardo, Vin de France 2021


A straightforward, easy-drinking and plump Chardonnay from one of Bruno’s best partner producers. Peach, pineapple and citrus fruits give a round impression on the palate, finishing with a crisp edge, along with hints of nuttiness adding complexity and texture

The vineyards are located in-between the Pyrenees to the South and the Black Mountains to the North, they enjoy a privileged climatic position where the excesses of the Mediterranean climate are tempered by the softness of the Atlantic influences. This extraordinary mixture, the days are sunny and warm, where the wind blows almost continuously and where the nights are cool, produces fruit-driven and vibrant wines of amazing intensity.

Night-time harvesting, and must clarification at low temperatures, fermentation at 16°-17°C in stainless steel tanks, light filtration before bottling.

 Country: France 

Region: Vin de France 

Vintage: 2021

Grape Variety: Chardonnay 

ABV: %

Size: 750ml 

Producer: Bruno Lafon