Crushed and Cured

Vicoletto Catarratto


This ‘Orange’ wine is bright yet slightly cloudy in colour thanks to the natural approach to winemaking; with no stabilisation, fining or filtration resulting in a wine with very low sulphur levels. The bouquet is a beautiful mix of citrus, grapefruit, apple and white flesh fruits that follows onto the palate. Complemented by Mediterranean herbs and a backbone of fresh acidity.

The Vesco family make fragrant wines, organically grown in a certified organic agriculture. Vicoletto is a new project , catarratto grapes are grown in sandy soils high up in the hills of Alcamo, where vines are protected from the extremes of the island heat, allowing the vines to ripen more gently. Andrea Vesco practices a sustainable approach of organic farming. In these fertile soils, vines have been cultivated in Alcamo for more than 300 years. Grapes are hand harvested in the cool of the early morning.

Grapes are softly pressed and 90% is transferred to tank without skins for fermentation, while 10% is fermented on skins for a total of 12 days. Both elements undergo natural fermentation with wild yeasts. The 10% skin contact wine is blended in, the wine is bottled without stabilisation, filtration, fining or added sulphur.

Country: Italy 

Region: Sicily IGP

Vintage: 2021

Grape Variety: Catarratto 

ABV: 12.5%

Size: 750ml 

Producer: Rallo Azienda Agricola