Crushed & Cured

Te Quiero, Organic Field Blend White, La Mancha, Spain, 2021


A mix of small plots of a multitude of exotic old fashioned grapes resulting in a flavoursome, rich yet vibrant wine from the heart of Spain, notes of white flowers and crips acidity.

The small amount of these grapes that remain means it is not possible to vinify them separately so the grapes tend to be harvested together as a Field Blend.

Much of Spain's vineyards are devoted to the commercial grape varieties that we all know and love such, but there are also small plots of older, native varieties that farmers have preserved out of a sense of pride or interest in their history to bring together lots of things that we "love" about Spain, from the dry grown bush vines seemingly being watered by magic, amongst the abundant saffron croci that are common across La Mancha. Today we recognise more and more the value of this diversity and the wealth of flavours of some of these older varieties when they come together in a blend.

Country: Spain 

Region: La Mancha 

Vintage: 2021

Grape Variety: Field Blend 

ABV: 12%

Size: 750ml 

Producer: Bodegas De Alto